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Dear Future Flappy Bird Guru,

lappy Bird is a freakin’ hard game - there is NO doubt about that.

If you've been struggling to get a half decent score (at least over 150) in Flappy Bird, then this will be the most important information you read all year.

I guess you're pretty frustrated and feel like throwing down your phone or tablet in anger whenever you play this game.

You're also wondering if some people on YouTube and Facebook are cheating or photoshopping some of their results.

Well, sadly, they are not.

Those seemingly impossible scores are actually easy to get - the secret is in knowing how to get them.

Most programmers always include secret tactics and shortcuts in their games, and Flappy Bird is no exception.

The only thing is - they don’t tell anybody what they are!

Except a few select people.

Let me be honest here, I wasn’t one of those few select people. I was in exactly the same place as you are now.

I was sick and tired of not being able to get high scores and medals like my friends were, so I set out on a mission to find out just what was making everybody else so successful on Flappy Bird.

My search took me far and wide, I interviewed professional programmers and gamers, I studied how the experts played the games, and yes - I cheated.

Well, I did what nobody else was prepared to do.

I got in contact with a couple of guys who have the highest Flappy Bird scores. Ever.

It took me a while to find these two guys, but after spending weeks trying, I finally tracked them down.

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Here's What Happened
When I Met These Guys...

They just laughed at me!

I was angry at first - I didn’t realize why they were laughing.

After we spent a few minutes chatting I realized...

These guys are NOT playing by the rules!

They had picked up some advanced tactics, tricks and secrets that actually make the game far easier to play, and allow you to get those super high scores that you thought were fiction.

After they stopped laughing at me for wanting to know their odd shortcuts and secrets, I managed to gain their respect and they took me in as a gaming brother and started to show me the way.

I realized that there is a LOT more to Flappy Bird than I thought.

When you see the pipes and the fat wee bird, you are only seeing the end product.

Built into the code behind the game are some extremely sneaky tactics, tricks and shortcuts that the developer hasn’t told anybody about.

The guys were laughing because they know that unless you are an absolute master programmer - there is no way you would EVER find out about these tricks!

These two dudes are among the best tech geeks in the world and whenever a new game comes out, they “work” up to 18 hours a day learning all the tricks, strategies and walkthroughs.

Let me tell you right now, these guys are the real deal.

Let me also tell you...

These Secrets, Tactics and Strategies
Are SUPER Simple!

The thing is, although they are simple, they are impossible to find unless you know where to look.

Thankfully I ended up spending a couple of days with these two guys at their production studio and they taught me the secrets, while I learned how to implement them.

There was only one problem - it took me two whole days to learn these secrets because they were...

...Incredibly Awful Teachers!

A lot of professionals are not good teachers - they are highly intelligent and dedicated to their field. They get frustrated quickly, however...

By nature, I am a good teacher. I actually used to be a professional game coach (did you know some people get over $100,000 to play in a single game competition that lasts 8 hours or so?!).

However I started getting emails from people all the time asking for tips and secrets for all sorts of games, random telephone calls in the middle of the night from strange countries and quite frankly, I didn’t want to become that popular and be woken up all the time!

I love flying under the radar and helping people become great at something that is huge fun, which is why I decided to become a Flappy Bird coach.

In the beginning I wasn’t sure how successful it would be - but when my Facebook account got banned because so many people were trying to message me for coaching, tips and shortcuts, I knew something big was happening.

I decided that I didn’t want to email 200 people a day saying “No, sorry, my classes are full”.

I also started getting hate mail from people because I couldn’t teach them the secrets!

I believe gaming is something that everybody should be able to do - so I decided to write...

Flappy Bird Secrets -
The Complete Mastery Guide

Flappy Bird Secrets is the ultimate guide to conquering this game once and for all. This is the only guide written by a professional gamer who is one of the best players in the world (my top scores are well over 300).

If you want to ace this game - this is your ticket to Flappy Bird Freedom.

I don’t hold back ANYTHING in this guide - in fact, some big players have accused me of “selling out” because they don’t want anybody else to learn these secrets.

I have received some rather unfriendly mail from other gamers who are angry I am letting out these secrets (one of the top players actually threatened me with legal action because he thinks he “invented” one of the secrets in this guide! I’ll fill you in on this later”).

If he goes ahead, I will have to remove this website. Though I really don’t want to remove this site - I seriously don’t want to get sued.

He told me his lawyer will be getting in touch with me tomorrow night, so fingers crossed it'll all be okay, but if I have to take the site down - you will want to make sure that you have your copy first!

This is a Must Have!

I created this guide for two reasons:

1. I want to help as many people as possible (when you love doing something, you love helping others do it too)

2. I wanted to have more time for gaming! My friends and readers all know I am a gaming guru/addict, and creating this guide has given me a major excuse to spend more time playing games!

I also love getting to know other gamers and learning all their tricks, so compiling all my tricks and secrets into a book like this was really a no brainer for me.

Before I created Flappy Bird Secrets, I had read a couple of tips on other blogs, websites and similar books - but they all just told the same old stuff over and over again. I wanted some real tricks - not just generic, boring advice!

I hold nothing back in this guide and let you have all the information such as:

How to get started and get past your first 50 pipes

Getting from Gold to Platinum in LIGHT SPEED!

Getting into the 100's - The Secrets That Nobody Told You!

The Mysterious 300 - Exactly How I Got There And Beyond...

Tapping Secrets - chances are you are doing it completely wrong

And a lot more that I actually can’t reveal here due to my competition...

This Guide Is 100% Legal and
Contains No Filler

Some guides have secrets such as cheap, useless “hacks”, that can give you viruses, destroy your phone or tablet and render the game useless.

Every single one of our secrets in the guide are legal and you will never be asked for personal information in the strategy. I pride myself on being a gamer who never gets banned from a game for doing dumb things like hacking or breaking into the code.

You can rest easy knowing that my methods are perfectly safe and will get you nothing but more excitement and jealousy from your friends when you break into the higher scores!

I Hate Fluff and Filler!

You know what it’s like when you read information such as:

“Take your time dude, just practice a bit more”.


“The secret is patience, you just have to practice until your eyes turn square”.

That sort of writing is called “filler”.

They are just useless phrases that are written by somebody who knows nothing about how to master a game, and often they don’t even know anything about the game.

When You Get Your Copy Of Flappy Bird Secrets Today, You Will Discover:

Timing secrets the pros use - there is an easy way to do it!

Why 99% of people playing will never even get above 10 points

A step by step guide to getting you from Bronze, to Platinum, and then up into the superstar league

Exactly when to jump and how to get past the pipes that keep hitting you (really high or really low ones)

How you can instantly double your high score (this is one of the secrets I got hate mail for!)

And much more...

This Is Your Chance To
Crush The Competition!

Think about how incredible it would be to get a high score so ridiculous that your friends think you have photoshopped it.

Then send them a video or even...

...Let Your Friends Watch You
Play The Game & Get A Record Score!

Can you imagine their face!?

They would be blown away and you will be the mysterious, Flappy Bird God who can effortlessly get high scores and has the game mastered!

Some of the feedback I have got from this guide has actually made me blush.

When people started saying how they wanted to Skype with me or add me on Facebook and chat, I knew I was giving people just like you some really, really good value.

However when I started getting people ring my cell phone and actually knock on my door to say thank you, I decided to remove my personal info from this website!

You can still contact me to say thank you afterwards though!

Here's What Other Flappy Bird Players Are Saying About the Guide:

Why does a game like Flappy Bird need a guide? To get high scores of course! My brother made more than 30 in his first try, and I couldn’t even get past 8. Once I started following this guide, I got past 30, got past 60, and finally flapped down and landed at 158. Awesome secrets and techniques! I'm now so close to getting over 200! Thanks, Dave! I'll never play Flappy Bird the same way again!

- Charlotte J

Hey buddy, I just finished using the tips from your guide and I'm extremely impressed. I just started and never thought I could be good at this game. After two days, I've overtaken people who have played the game for over 2 months! Thank you for showing me how much easier Flappy Bird can be to play.

- Richard M

At first, I was skeptical about buying a guide for Flappy Bird. I mean, who really needs one? But then after three days of playing the game, I decided to get it! It is so hard!!!!! After using the tips and reading this thoroughly my high score rocketed from 36 to 172. I feel I should have bought it sooner.

- Fracisca L

All my Facebook friends, all my colleagues, and family have been playing Flappy Bird like crazy for the past few weeks. Your guide has really helped me improve my performance. Before learning your hidden techniques, my top score was 55. I'm now on 215 and have collected my first Platinum medal! You rock!

- Lisa C

The Good News or The Bad News?

The bad news first...

This guide may not be available tomorrow.

I am 100% serious about this - like I said earlier, one gamer thinks that he “invented” one of these secrets for Flappy Bird and HATES me for revealing it because it is so powerful!

I am going to give you a stupidly low price today because of this (I want to help out a few more people before this guys lawyer calls me - I’m getting nervous I’ll have to take the site down).

I guess that is good news for you (bad news for me though!).

The good news...

I am going to give you a rock solid, bulletproof guarantee, right now.

My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee To You

If you don’t think that this guide is what you thought it would be, for whatever reason, I will refund you the entire purchase price, pronto.

My guarantee is a gold standard, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with this guide, I will personally refund your money.

See, at heart I am a gamer. I love to get emails and Facebook messages from people who have used my strategies to kick butt and get high scores, earn more medals and feel the excitement that comes with it.

If you aren’t satisfied with this guide (although I am sure you will be), I wouldn’t even want to keep your money.

I’d feel bad!

In saying that, only two people have ever requested a refund so far.

One was a mother of a 17 year old guy who had brought this guide with her credit card (sneaky young man!) and the mother didn’t approve of her son playing games.

The other was a similar case, although it was a 10 year old girl!

Needless to say, I refunded them both promptly, and the lady actually ended up letting her son buy the guide because he got so much value out of it and enjoyed it so much!

Funny story but it is true!

Pretty much, if for whatever reason you decide that you don’t want this guide after you get it, I’ll refund your money.

• No questions asked.

• No awkward conversations.

• No worrying.

I’ll just give it back and you'll have my sincere thanks for at least giving it a shot.

But wait, it gets EVEN BETTER!

The whole program... all 50+ pages professionally recorded into audio format.

Load it on to a CD... pop it into the car. Listen during your commute... Upload it all to your smartphone and take in all the content subconsciously.

The best part is that the MP3 works in synergy with the training pages of the course, just like the written text does!

That's $37.00 value if sold separately. But you know I'm going to give you a super deal...

Because for a limited time only, you get the audio version of Flappy Bird Secrets for $37 $17 for FREE! Yes, absolutely free!

If you have been struggling with Flappy Bird and watching some of those YouTube videos trying to learn their secrets - DON’T.

It is useless trying to learn through watching a video. The secret is to know all of the shortcuts, tips and tricks that you can only learn through either:

a) Having a professional gamer teach you one-on-one (and there are very few pro Flappy Bird players in the world!)


b) Learning from a professional who has written an easy to follow, step by step guide to absolutely dominate the game.

I have put it all in place for you - the only thing you need to do now is grab a copy of Flappy Bird Secrets.

Because I may have to take this site down REALLY soon, I am pretty much giving this guide away.

No costly memberships, no high prices, I’m just going to give it away.

Just $27

No more, no less.

No fluff, no mucking around, just a stupidly low price today because I want to help you out before I have to take my site down.`

Don’t miss out - this is one of those times you will look back at and think:

“Blast! I didn’t actually think that site would disappear”.

This is your chance to shine!

YES! Sign me up NOW, Dave! I'm ready to boost my high score and obtain every medal possible! I realize that the Flappy Bird Secrets guide is the fastest way to do it.

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As Flappy Bird continues to change and is updated, I will also get all of the latest and greatest guide updates with new techniques and strategies at no additional cost.

The techniques revealed in this guide are top secret and must not be revealed to anyone else. So I promise I will not reveal, disclose or allow unauthorized access to this site.

My guide purchase is entirely Risk-Free and is backed by a
60-Day Guarantee as listed above.

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Still Skeptical?

I'll Throw in the 'Flappy Bird Medals' Report For Free!

Knowing this information has easily allowed me to score well over 100 in Flappy Bird and get more medals (all the way from Broze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Beyond!) Don't let anyone tell you that getting higher scores and unlocking these medals is a slow and painful process!

For a long time, I kept this knowledge very closely guarded. This secret method was known only to me and I refused to share it with anyone. But then, when everyone found out that my Flappy Bird scores were incredibly high, they kept asking me. Morning and night, days became weeks became months. I wanted to be left in peace, so finally, I gave in and have decided to share this secret with you...

These techniques and strategies are so deadly simple- but they continue to work day after day, week after week. Your competitors won't know what hit them when you put this into action. (You can use this information right away!)

Can’t wait to hear from you and see you on the other side!

Dave “Birdman” Andrews

P.S. I have hundreds of buyers who have emailed me with screenshots of their new high scores and some of them have actually offered to buy me coffee!

I had one guy who sent me a Flappy Bird t-shirt he had made up that said “Flappy Bird GURU” on it with the pipes and bird. It made me laugh, and gaming is all about having fun. This guide is KEY to letting you become awesome at the game and having fun.

P.P.S. I should have mentioned this earlier, but please, please send me a screenshot and a message when you read this guide and play Flappy Bird again. I know that you will be blown away with your results and you will feel like a master gamer!

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget – if you order Flappy Bird Secrets today, the ultimate guide to mastering every aspect of this crazily addictive game, you’ll receive my 60 day, risk-free money back guarantee. Don’t worry about a thing other than getting the best possible score and collecting every medal!

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